IMPACTING MY WORLD; Don’t Forget…remember


With the Holiday of Passover and Holocaust Remembrance Day coming in the same Hebrew month (Nissan) I thought I’d share this poem with you. It depicts two different views of the world born of very different life experiences. In this poem, which I named, ‘Different Voices’ the first voice is capitalized for it speaks in bold, celebratory tones. It is the voice of a former slave in Egypt, who had experienced a miraculous exodus from slavery in Egypt, followed by his flight to freedom upon the wings of hope and finally settling upon the soil of the Promised Land. The second voice is in lower case and represents that of a downtrodden, sad, diminutive survivor of the Holocaust, whose memories of incomprehensible horror are like a specter which casts an everlasting, lifeless haunting shadow over her psyche. (This poem originally was published in The Friday Forum of the Jewish Exponent in 1977).




Don’t Forget



I Was One of the Chosen People

i was selected


With an Outstretched Arm I Was Delivered From Egypt

with a numbered arm I was delivered to auschwitz


Brought Out of the House of Bondage

delivered to that slaughter house called europe


Redeemed from the Hovels of Goshen

condemned to the ghetto of warsaw


Don’t Forget the Red Sea

remember the crimson ground


I Crossed Safely on Dry Land

my shower was too dry


I Outpaced the Chariots of Pharaoh

not i the hobnail boot


They All Succumbed to the Deep

my shallow grave was deep enough


I Stood at Sinai for Revelation

and i at dachau for extermination


I Was Given the Decalogue a plan for living

and i mein kampf a plan for dying


Don’t Forget the Pillars of Fire

remember the columns of smoke


His Wonders I Witnessed

i witnessed and wondered


Forty Years I Wandered Thru the Wilderness

and two thousand years i throughout the world


The End of My Exile and Finally Home

the end of the diaspora with the final solution


Don’t Forget the Miracles

remember the holocaust


What is a Holocaust

indeed… what is a miracle


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