Why are there no miracles today?

The question often asked is, “Why are there no miracles today?” The answer is – there are.


Steven Wenick
Steven Wenick

The Bible describes miracles such as: the parting of the Red Sea and the Israelites’ march from slavery to freedom; but that was ages ago. It even records the miraculous occurrence of a talking ass, which today is so common an event that we do not deem it a miracle at all.
Once upon a time miracles were necessary. They served as a means to get man’s attention because he had not yet traveled far enough along the path of discovery and scientific knowledge to be able to recognize and appreciate the daily occurrence of miracles.

When G-d opened the Red Sea allowing the Israelites to cross it unharmed or when He smote the Egyptians with Ten Plagues they were miraculous acts for the benefit of people who thought the Earth was flat and the Sun revolved around the Earth. In ancient times lightning, thunder and smoke were the equivalent of a two-by-four approach to getting peoples’ attention and even then they continued to stray and disobey.
In spite of the miracles G-d performed for that Stiff-Necked People they foolishly created a Golden Calf. Having lost both their faith and their way they wandered aimlessly around the wilderness for forty years while carping all the while that they had no meat to eat. Their aberrant behavior can be attributed to the fact that miracles are not always recognized as such by the people for whom they were intended to benefit at the time they were performed. Moses needed no miracles but his people did and even then many were sadly blind to them.


Fast forward several millennia and bear witness to the miracles. The structure of the atom is a miracle, the speed of light is a miracle, and the human brain is a miracle as are the wing of bee and the petal of a rose. We don’t need to have a sea parted for us to bear witness to a miracle; all we need to do is look into a microscope where the apparent finite continues to get smaller or gaze up to the endless sky, where the apparent infinite continues to grow larger – our world is simultaneously growing smaller and larger – both with no apparent end. That may appear to man as a paradox but it may be in reality a manifestation of the miracle of creation.


Scientists hypothesize that the universe is the product of the Big Bang (theory) of creation whose genesis occurred when a ‘particle-of-infinite-mass’ could no longer be contained and what followed was an explosion – the Big Bang. That ‘particle’ began to expand and fill the void of the universe. From it was born the sun, moon, stars, planets and life as we know it. The process continues today but at an exponentially faster rate.
Those who look at the world through the prism of science recognize that the more scientific knowledge we acquire the more we recognize the enigma of – the more we know the more we realize how little we know. We, as a species, have elegantly evolved but we, like our expanding universe, are still a work in progress. That initial spark, that particle of “the beginning” will continue to expand until it reaches the limits of our comprehension.


For religionists the Big Bang was manifest in G-d’s utterance of, “Let there be light”. Was G-d’s Word, The Big Bang? The similarities of the scientific and religious belief systems are astounding. According to Albert Einstein, for there to be light there must be mass and energy (E = MC2). Science and religion  believe that there was a singular ‘spontaneous’ event emanating from either the sudden explosion of an immeasurable amount of mass or G-d’s simple pronouncement of one sentence causing there to be light. But the same humbling lesson can be learned from both science and religion in regard to the creation of mankind. We are the result of a process in which we had no hand in the making. The proof of which explanation is correct ultimately lies within the realm of one’s own belief system.
With the passage of time even Einstein’s Theory of Relativity undoubtedly will fall prey to the same skepticism, and ridicule, as is the case with the Biblical account of creation. For only the passage of time enables humans to believe in miracles or disbelieve in them. Miracles abound but they need a believing human partner for them to exist. I dare say that someday in the not too distant future our progeny undoubtedly also will echo the time worn questions, ‘How could they (referring to us) not see the miracles so plainly played out before them? And why are there no miracles performed for us today?’


  1. Communication has to have three parts or facets in order to be called “communication”. They are:
    1. a Speaker
    2. the Message
    3. a Listener
    Take away any one of the above – and it is not “communication”. Miracles need to be recognized for what they are: a Message; from God; to Man. Educate the listener to Listen and to know the Speaker – to receive the Miracle.

  2. Steve ,thank you for sending this article In fact everyday we wake up and we are able to fonction normaly to think ,to walk ,to talk ,to appreciate everything around us is a miracle We can’t deny the existence of God

  3. Esther I once heard it said that even for those people do not believe in G-d, He believes in them. He also said that even if G-d is not a part of your world, you are a part of His. Shabbat Shalom

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