BBYO: South Jersey Region has sprung into spring


Regional Mazkirah

South Jersey Region BBYO is comprised of 12 different chapters. Though united as one region, each chapter has its own unique identity and culture. The strength and character of each can be shown through the programming and events. We would like to take this time to highlight a few chapters and the gatherings they have organized to engage all members (both old and new), creating great memories for spring 2016.

Tovah BBG held an Ultimate Gameshow challenge, where popular game shows were brought to life for their members to compete in. “Girls were asked to compete in a wide variety of activities. The biggest hit of the night was Cupcake Wars,” said Grace Sanger-Johnson, mazkirah of Tovah. “Pairs of members had to decorate cupcakes to win a bag of Hershey Kisses (our chapter mascot!). Their inspiration was Jewish holidays. Each pair created different creative designs ranging from Passover to Chanukah.”

Grace Sanger-Johnson (left) and Jess Bender of Tovah BBG show off their cupcake designs during an Ultimate Game Show event hosted by their BBYO chapter.
Grace Sanger-Johnson (left) and Jess Bender of Tovah BBG show off their cupcake designs during an Ultimate Game Show event hosted by their BBYO chapter.

Dafna BBG had a potluck dessert night with relaxed bonding time. There was a large group of around 30, including seven prospective new members. The night was a success in welcoming so many new faces and getting to know each one of them.

The Otzma AZA Wolves recently hosted a Star Wolves event. The Star Wars-inspired activities were a great success. “We had tons of fun throughout the entire event. Activities included capture the flag with a Star Wars twist, rap battles and skits. There were many new prospects and chapter members in attendance having a great time!” said Otzma Mazkir Jed Friedman.

Chevrah BBG just held their Six Folds event. They had six programs, each one highlighting a BBYO programming fold. To explore Jewish Heritage, Chevrah drew illustrations of their individual feelings/thoughts towards Judaism in the past, present and what they envision for the future. “All together the programming was great and the event rocked!” said Chevrah Mazkirah Sophie Sklar.

The best BBYO experience cannot be provided without strong chapters for teens to call home. South Jersey is lucky to have many chapters that are individually so fantastic. Without them, it would be impossible to have the successful and thriving region that we do. As the spring progresses, we can’t wait to hear about more chapter events and experiences.

In addition to the past few weeks of chapter programming, we held a regional March Madness event. On March 5th, we gathered at The Big Event bowling alley in Cherry Hill for a great night. We had around 130 members and new faces all together to bowl, play in the arcade and overall enjoy some quality time. Glow-in-the-dark bowling was a hit with many, and the night was a great success. s

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