B’nai Mitzvah: March 2016

Adath Emanu-El

BRADFORD PHILIP TOBIAS, son of Pamela and Scot Tobias, on Mar. 5.

ETHAN JONAH SHAPIRO, son of Mark and Lori Shapiro, on Mar. 12.

JONAH MILES FRIEDMAN, son of Ken Friedman, on Mar. 19.

JUSTIN BARRY WEINSTOCK, son of Tammy and Todd Weinstock, on Mar. 19.


Cong. Beth El

MORGAN LAUFGRABEN, daughter of Jodi and Ross Laufgraben, on Mar. 5.

JOSEPH HOCHBERG, son of Debbi and Edward Hochberg, on Mar. 12.

JACOB SINRICH, son of Melissa and Jonathan Sinrich, on Mar. 19.

JARED SINRICH, son of Melissa and Jonathan Sinrich, on Mar. 19.


Temple Beth Sholom

NOAH STOFMAN, son of Jennifer and Eric Stofman, on Mar. 5.

RACHEL CASSWAY, daughter of Karen and Rusty Cassway, on Mar. 12.

CARLY LEVINE, daughter of Michele and Jeff Levine, on Mar. 19.

MADELINE BAER, daughter of Karen and Seth Baer, on Mar. 26.


Temple Emanuel

RYAN WARTENBERG, son of Mera Ziegler-McGrath, on Mar. 5.

BRENT EBNER, son of Louis and Doree Ebner, on Mar. 12.

GABBY DYESS, daughter of Stephen and Terri Dyess, on Mar. 19.

EMILY HAYA, daughter of Michael and Lisa Haya, on Mar. 26.


Temple Har Zion

SEAMUS WINCH, son of Natalie and Greg Winch, on Mar. 12.


Cong. M’kor Shalom

JASON SHACKET, son of Jeffrey and Robin Shacket, on Mar. 5.

ORLI MCGUIRE-BERK, daughter of Seth Berk and Michele McGuire-Berk, on Mar. 5.

NOAH SELL, son of David and Gail Sell, on Mar. 12.

SHAYNA HERZFELD, daughter of Cheryl Herzfeld, on Mar. 12.


Temple Sinai

ANDREW SIVERIO, son of Dina and Rob Siverio, on Mar. 12.


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