FEDERATION 411: Events help bring our community together as one

The spring seems to be a busier time than most, especially here at the Jewish Federation. As you probably already know, we have a number of events coming up: the Daddy Daughter Dance, The Event for Men, a Women’s Philanthropy brunch, and The Event for Women–just to name a few! And, that’s just here at the Federation. Our agencies have their own events planned, and so do synagogues and organizations throughout the local Jewish community.

Jennifer Dubrow Weiss, Jewish Federation CEO
Jennifer Dubrow Weiss, Jewish Federation CEO

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with it all. Recently, I’ve been asked why we do so many events. And, is this the best use of Federation’s resources in an already-full community calendar? My answer is, “Yes.”

Events are a way to engage with our community. A way to reach out and connect with the individuals who participate in Federation programming and receive Federation services. A way to educate donors about the Federation family and its impact in the community. This holds true for our agencies and our local Jewish community, too. We are all working toward one common goal: a strong and vibrant Jewish community inclusive of all shuls, day schools, and Jewish organizations.

We host a community calendar on our website because we are committed to one Jewish community here in South Jersey. Federation leadership attempts to send representation to each and every shul, day school, and organization event, and we appreciate how they, too, are represented at our programs and events. This isn’t always easy, but we look for opportunities to bring us all together as one. Programs like Shark Tank and committees like the Presidents’ Council help to accomplish that goal.

I believe we are doing a great job in bringing our community together as one, but as with everything, there is always room for improvement. I welcome your ideas on how we can build a stronger Jewish community here in South Jersey. And, how we can work together as one to help not only each other, but also those in need. Our tagline truly does say it all: The strength of a people. The power of community.

With Purim just behind us and Passover coming up, I’d like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for your support of the Jewish Federation family of agencies and our community at large. Just by reading this column–and this paper–you are supporting our community and caring about what is happening in your Jewish community. Whether you send your child for a Jewish early childhood education or receive kosher meals-on-wheels. Whether you attended an advocacy awareness event or are a senior resident in one of our senior living communities. Whether you committed to an endowment bequest in your will or made a donation now to the Jewish Federation’s JFund–you are supporting our community and our family of agencies. Purim and Passover are a time to celebrate the freedom we now enjoy, and the life we’ve built for ourselves in our South Jersey Jewish community.


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