Partnows visit memorial to Holocaust hero Chiune Sugihara

Dr. Michael, Marcy and Philip Partnow visited Yaotsu and the Memorial to Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat who saved the lives of thousands of Jews from Poland and Lithuania during the Holocaust. Philip Partnow and a colleague assisted Yaotsu and museum officials in efforts to recognize Sugihara. He has been honored for his heroic efforts in two cities in Israel, at Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial and education center, as well as in Los Angeles. The Sugihara Memorial Hall is visited by thousands of Japanese school children and Israelis. Michael Partnow said the museum exhibits have descriptions written in Japanese, Hebrew and English. “The Japanese greeter at the door greeted us with ‘Shalom’ and told us ‘L’hitra-ot’ [hello and goodbye in Hebrew) as we left. It was a remarkable visit in the setting of a charming town in a lush green valley.” At the Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall were (from left), Michael and Marcy Partnow, Philip Partnow, and Yoshihito Yamauchi, general manager of town promotion for Yaotsu.

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