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Record-breaking attendance at Tournies shows BBYO spirit

Showing their spirit at Tournies were (from left), Chloe Castro, Madison Rappaport and Eden Lev.



56th Regional Mazkirim

At the Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Club, South Jersey Region BBYO competed in Tournies, a 12-hour spirit competition to win the Tower of Spam and Spirit Stick, signifying the most spirited chapters in the region. This year’s Tournies reached an all-time record with over 380 teens in attendance.

This year, the Tournies theme was “Larger Than Life,” where the chapters competed in competitive activities that represented life-size childhood games such as Hungry Hungry Hippo and Foosball. Each chapter presented their banners and song, kicking the night off with exorbitant amounts of chapter spirit. The songs were parodies of popular songs with lyrics that conveyed their own chapter and spirit. At this time, all of SJR was hyped and ready to start the competition they have been waiting for all year.

Lindsey Cohen, a Junior in Chevrah BBG, as well as the current S’ganit, said, “Tournies is always the best night of the year for BBYO, but this year it was truly ‘Larger than Life.’ Tournies 2017 showed just how much spirit and passion SJR has and I felt so unbelievably happy and proud to be a part of it.”

Along with the record-breaking attendance, SJR membership reached a milestone with 560 teens currently registered. Tournies was all the more exciting with so many teens experiencing it for the first time. All of the programs were designed to allow everyone to be active, have fun and show great chapter pride and spirit.

Alex Marx, a freshman in Chapel AZA, said, “I had so much fun at Tournies and enjoyed it with my chapter and BBGs. I had fun playing different games with different chapters and my own chapter.”

In addition to the teen event, SJR parents were invited to join the festivities for a “Taste of Tournies,” where they enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, desserts, wine and then joined the teens for opening ceremonies, Havdalah and Spirit. Over 40 parents were in attendance this year to get a “taste” of what Tournies was all about.

At the end of the night, Chapel AZA came out on top with the Tower of Spam, and Chevrah BBG claimed the Spirit Stick. It was a night filled with thrills, excitement, and a great time. At this Tournies, as this year’s title suggests, Tournies was truly “Larger than Life.”

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