Objecting to timing of article on Rabbi Sernovitz

Dear Jewish Community Voice,

My name is Paula Levine. I am a member of Temple Emanuel and I am disappointed and offended by the article about Rabbi Sernovitz’s new endeavor, published in your February 15th edition. In the article, the writer noted that Rabbi Sernovitz is still a paid employee at Temple Emanuel. Why would you think it appropriate to publish the article at this time, instead of after July 1st–when his contract with us will be finished? By making this public announcement for him, you have given him a free endorsement for his new movement. It was an insult to Temple Emanuel and its congregants, Rabbi David, and pretty much every other Congregation in South Jersey. A Newsworthy story, such as you found this, could have waited until he was opening his doors on July 1st, and no longer a paid employee of ours.

Congregants are very very upset about seeing this article in our own, South Jersey Jewish Newspaper, that we receive because we donate to the South Jersey Federation.

I feel quite strongly that a PUBLISHED apology to Temple Emanuel, Rabbi David and its congregants, for the poor choice in timing of this article, is needed, to help with healing. The Jewish Voice should have been very aware of how sensitive this article was.

Paula Levine
Mt. Laurel


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